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Needle and Syringe Exchange Service - Alton Pharmacy, Hampshire

What is the Needle and Syringe Exchange Service?


The Needle and Syringe Exchange Service is a free, impartial and confidential service provided to those who regularly inject drugs. Exchanging used needles and syringes reduces your chances of contracting deadly viruses and diseases.


This scheme is important as it helps those who use injectable drugs to stay as safe as possible.


What does the service provide?


Under the service, those willing to take the first step will be provided with free access to new, sterilised needle and syringe packets. Users can also dispose of their used needles and syringes to the pharmacy in a hygienic and safe manner.


What diseases are commonly found in used needles and syringes?


Most diseases and infections caught from needles and syringes are bloodborne. They are contracted by the blood to blood contact you’d expect from the instruments being shared.


Common diseases that can be contracted are:

  • Hepatitis B (HBV)
  • Hepatitis C (HCV)
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

What we will do to help


At Alton Pharmacy, we have a duty of care to our patients who have a drug addiction and want to stay safe. We will help you to dispose of any dangerous needles and syringes and provide you with new and sterile equipment. We will discuss your issues in an impartial and private manner and offer our full support if you choose to go ahead with further action to stop your usage.


If you would like to know more information on our Needle and Syringe Exchange Service, please visit Alton Pharmacy, Hampshire today or give us a call on 01420 83176.