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Why the prescription delivery service is useful


Travelling long distances for your repeat prescriptions can be a pain, especially if you find travel difficult due to a condition or disability. You shouldn’t have to worry about the time it takes to the pharmacy and back.


As a local community pharmacy, we have a duty of care to our patients and to keep our vulnerable patients safe and stress-free. We currently offer a free prescription delivery service for our patients who qualify for the service.


What the prescription delivery service process involves


As a patient, you can choose our pharmacy to dispense all of your repeat or one-off prescriptions. After having it assembled, we will deliver your prescriptions straight to your door.


What Alton Pharmacy, Hampshire can offer you:


As a committed local pharmacy, we offer our patients the choice to opt into our prescription delivery service. If you’re willing to access this service we will be more than happy to collect your prescriptions on your behalf with the necessary permissions in place. Our service is completely confidential and your prescriptions will be delivered to you at your earliest convenience. Give us a call on 01420 83176 or pop in-store today for more information about the prescription delivery service.